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Hello! My name is Caitlyn and I am the founder of The Slow Cooker Life. My goal here is to show you all how valuable a slow cooker is to have, particularly for those of you who have no time to cook or simply do not know how to cook.

My experience cooking has been driven through my love for it and food. Some of my earliest memories are of me standing in the kitchen with my parents or grandmother helping them cook. I even remember being about 5 or 6 taking their meal and beverage orders before I would set the table for whichever meal was about to take place. If I was cooking it though, at that age, your choices were probably either a ham and cheese omelet, french toast, or a pork roll sandwich. My culinary skills, while advanced for my age, could not withstand a full menu.

You Don’t Have To Be A Gourmet Chef

I do not have any sort of culinary art schooling under my belt. I have not received any sort of formal training either. I have watched a lot of Food Network. I have read a lot of recipes (yes, reading recipes is actually a hobby of mine.) And I do cook a lot of food. I have made plenty of mistakes in the kitchen rendering some dishes unrecognizable bricks of carbon. I have also made some jaw-dropping, tears-of-joy inducing dishes from purging my cupboards during particularly financially rough seasons.

That being said, I do truly believe that the slow cooker is one of the most valuable things I have in my kitchen. It takes whatever collection of ingredients you dump in it and transforms them into juicy, tender, sensory overloading meals. And regardless of how much I LOVE to cook, the reality is that life does not always give us time for that. But my slow cooker delivers us hot, inexpensive, home cooked meals every single night that I am short on time.

All you need to do is gather some ingredients, toss them in to your slow cooker, and turn it on. No chef required.

Good Meals Don’t Have To Be Expensive

Eating out has become a big part of today’s world. Maybe you don’t have time to cook a meal. Or maybe you are afraid to try to cook because you usually burn toast. Either way, continuously eating out can become very expensive. I, like many of you, have experience not being able to afford to eat out. I have created some seriously satisfying dishes by just dropping them into my slow cooker and turning it on. It’s amazing what some frozen chicken, a sauce of your choice, and some vegetables can turn into.

Busy Lifestyles Don’t Have To Be Unhealthy

Eating out and snacking on junk food at home are two excellent ways to pack on some extra pounds. And they can so easily be avoided. I am an advocate for healthy living. I appreciate having vegetables as part of my meals. I prefer baked or grilled over fried. I don’t consider nachos dinner. (Confession: I have absolutely eaten nachos in place of real meals. I am human.) And I do honestly believe that my slow cooker is a big part of why I am able to eat real, home-cooked, healthy meals even in this crazy hectic world that we all live in today.

Get ready to start indulging in life!

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Founder of The Slow Cooker Life

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