Hamilton Beach 33969A

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Hamilton Beach 6 Quart Set And Forget Programmable Slow Cooker
Hamilton Beach 33969A
Stainless steel

Features. From The Manufacturer.

  • Thermometer probe for cooking meats more accurately.
  • Convenient cooking modes including automatic keep warm.
  • 3 program choices: Probe, Program, and Manual.
  • Clip-tight sealing lid for spill-resistant travel.
  • Gripped handles for carrying heavy meals.
  • 6 quart oval crock fits 6 lb chicken or 4 lb roast.
  • Wraparound, even heat cooks food evenly and consistently.
  • Dishwasher safe oval stoneware and lid
  • Power interrupt protection - keeps things cooking during brief power outages.
  • One-year warranty.


The Hamilton Beach 33969A makes it easy to execute any meal perfectly with its smart cooking technology. It features three cooking choices, each then with their own settings, to give you ultimate control over how your meals are prepared. For added cooking convenience, the slow cooker automatically switches to warm when the food is done cooking. So if your chicken only needs 7 hours to cook, but you won't be home for 9, fret not! Your slow cooker will deliver!

The three cooking choices include Probe, Program, and Manual.

Probe Mode is perfect for cooking meats. This mode is going to speak to all of you meat lovers out there. You no longer have to guesstimate how long you need to cook that steak for before it hits medium-rare. Set the desired temperature you want the meat to reach, let the slow cooker do its thing, and enjoy. The probe temperature will appear on the front digital display of the slow cooker throughout the duration of cooking, which is kind of cool. That way, if you're home and starving you know about how much longer you have to wait 😉 And don't worry if you're not home. The slow cooker will automatically switch to keep warm once the meat reaches the desired temperature. Whoever said cooking was hard did not own the Hamilton Beach Set And Forget Programmable Slow Cooker.

Program Mode allows you to set a specific cook time. Need to cook it for 5 hours? Done. Just program the amount of time you need that stew to percolate for. And, as stated, the slow cooker will automatically switch to keep warm when the time is up to keep your food from overcooking. Mmmm. That stew is going to be amazing.

Manual Mode gives you High, Low, or Warm heat settings. This is the old school cooking mode. Choose a heat setting and let it go. And hopefully remember to turn the heat off later 😉 Don't forget to set a timer! I don't know if I fully understand why this feature is included when the other two features take the guess work out of cooking manually. But if you are one that enjoys life's safety nets but needs the occasional adrenaline rush, this slow cooker is for you 😀


  • Dishwasher safe crock and lid makes clean up super easy!
  • Smart technology gives you ultimate, worry-free control over all of your cooking ventures.
  • Features a probe to cook meats to your idea of perfect.
  • Slow cooker automatically switches to keep warm when food is done cooking to prevent overcooking (feature only available while using the Probe or Program features.)
  • Lid locks on for safe travel.
  • 6 qt. crock is a good size for the average sized family.
  • Short power outages won't ruin your meals. Or waste your food. (Hamilton Beach includes a "5 second or less" caveat on their site in regard to the Power Interrupt Protection technology.)


  • Short, limited warranty for a lot of moving parts.My biggest qualm with this product is the 1-year limited warranty that comes with the slow cooker from Hamilton Beach. This slow cooker has A LOT of technology and features and moving parts. The more something can do, the more things that can go wrong with it. This bad boy does a lot, which means a lot can potentially go wrong with it. Yet, Hamilton Beach offers only a 1-year LIMITED warranty.It is worth noting that oftentimes retailers offer extended warranties for products. Obviously these come with an added expense. However, if you require a good warranty, you will need to buy one separately.

Pricing Options.


LWH: 10.25" x 16.00" x 16.13"
Material: Stainless steel
Color: SIlver
Pot specs: 6 quart ceramic


Limited 1-year product warranty. Hamilton Beach offers the same limited warranty for 5 years if you are in Canada.

The warranty states that your product is warrantied from defect for 1 year from date of purchase. If in the first year your product defects, Hamilton Beach decides whether the appropriate option is to repair your device or replace it. All shipping costs associated with either remedy option is your responsibility to pay.


Would I use this slow cooker? Yeah, why not. I like the idea of having that much control over all of my meals. My current slow cooker is very basic. Off, Warm, Low, or High. It does not have any automatic features that make my life easier or more convenient. I really like the idea of having a slow cooker that switches to warm after the food is done cooking because I am on the go quite a bit, as we all are these days.

I don't really require a locking lid or a probe at this moment in my life. I don't attend a lot of potlucks. I don't foresee that aspect of my life changing anytime in the near future. However, I can see myself appreciating the probe once I had it.

All in all, I like Hamilton Beach for their affordable options. Don't get caught off guard by their warranty, and I think you will be pretty happy with them as well!

Have you ever used this crockpot? Tell us how you like it below!

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