Mouthwatering, No Mayo – Easy Honey Mustard Chicken Recipe

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Honey mustard. Oh how I love you so. Especially when you are smothered all over a mouthwatering chicken breast.

Here, I am going to show you how to make this easy honey mustard chicken recipe that does not use any mayonnaise.  Traditionally honey mustard is made with mayonnaise. The widely accepted equation for a quick honey mustard recipe is 1 part mayo, 1 part mustard, 1 part honey. And the mustard is typically Dijon. I don’t always conform to “typically” though. So I am gonna mix things up a little.

This honey mustard sauce hits you from all angles with flavor when it is all said and done!

When you don’t like mayo…

I am usually not a fan of mayonnaise. Unless the texture, smell, and flavor of it is completely masked, I don’t want it in anything that I am eating. Sorry bout it, mayo. Honey mustard does a pretty good job at masking these things usually. That is why I can LOVE a little h and m while simultaneously maintaining a strict distance from mayonnaise.

I wanted to create a honey mustard recipe that did not use mayo at all just in case some of you feel the same way about mayonnaise but would still like to have a connection with honey mustard. We will be using yogurt in place of mayonnaise for this recipe. Which automatically makes this recipe a healthier option to the traditional dish. Yay healthier options! I am also going to use yellow mustard instead of Dijon to jazz things up that much more. Because I am using yellow mustard though, I am going to mix plain Greek yogurt and vanilla yogurt together as my mayo alternative. My goal here is to add a little extra sweetness to the honey mustard, compensating for the lack of Dijon, by using the vanilla yogurt; But I don’t want it to be too sweet. I also don’t want the sauce to end up being too runny. That is why I am mixing it with the plain Greek yogurt: to offset the sweet and to thicken this bad boy up a titch!

The type of mustard you should use.

As previously mentioned, honey mustard is meant to be made with Dijon mustard. But it also is meant to be made with mayo and we’re not using that. Deciding to make honey mustard without mayo took me on quite the train ride through thought town:
Make honey mustard without mayo. Use yogurt instead of mayo. Vanilla yogurt would be an interesting experiment. The vanilla may overpower the mustard flavor. Not if I used yellow mustard. Would it be too runny? What if I used Greek yogurt instead?

Eventually, decisions needed to be made and I settled on yellow mustard. Dare to be bold, people. Remember what I have preached in the past? Cooking is supposed to be fun. And recipes are just meant to be foundations of inspiration for your own creations. I love the “let’s see what happens” part of creating recipes!

Don’t slow cook the yogurt.

I have not tested my dairy concerns yet in the slow cooker. The more I read on the topic, the less interested I am in slow cooking dairy though. Stay tuned to see if and when I ever test it out.

For the sake of this recipe, I will not be adding the yogurt until right before I am getting ready to serve this. If you add the yogurt at the beginning and slow cook it with everything else, please comment below and tell me how it turned out.

Side note: I am not recommending that you try slow cooking the yogurt. I am just saying that if you do, let me know what happens. But if you slow cook it, and it curdles, you can’t blame me 🙂 Deal? 😉

Sweet and savory.

The honey mustard sauce that the chicken is smothered in, while delicious, is gonna be a little sweet. A vegetable side is best here to balance out the sugar intake. But vegetables do not always have to sound boring.

I serve my honey mustard chicken with some hearty green vegetables. Ideally, I would just steam some broccoli and maybe add a little lemon zest to the trees. (The acid from the lemon will help cut the sweetness.)

I am a sucker for sweet and savory working together in a dish. I am going to tie the vegetables into the entree a little more by simply adding some chopped bacon to them. Fry up a couple of strips of turkey bacon until it is nice and crispy, give it a quick chop, and sprinkle the bits atop the veggies. Ta-da! The turkey bacon is reasonably healthier than the real deal so you don’t have to feel so bad about eating it.

If you want a not so healthy approach to this meal, serve your chicken with some sort of potato! Fries and honey mustard were meant to be together anyway! So let them <3

The recipe.

Check here to see if your grocery list items are on sale!

Prep time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 3 1/2 hours
Makes about 4 servings

2 large frozen boneless/skinless chicken breasts
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup yellow mustard
1/4 cup plain Greek yogurt and vanilla yogurt mixture (1/8 cup of each type of yogurt)

Ground cayenne pepper

1) In a small mixing bowl, mix the honey and yellow mustard together until well blended.

2) Put the frozen chicken in the slow cooker.
3) Drizzle the honey/yellow mustard mixture over the chicken breasts.
4) Sprinkle some (or a lot) of salt over the chicken.
5) Optional: Sprinkle some ground cayenne pepper over the chicken (warning: cayenne pepper is spicy; I tend to put it on everything.)

6) Turn the slow cooker on high for roughly 3 1/2 hours.
7) Once you are sure the chicken is thoroughly cooked (165 degrees F in the middle), turn the heat off. Plate each chicken breast.

8) Poor the hot honey/yellow mustard sauce from the crockpot into a small mixing bowl. Add your yogurt mixture to the mixing bowl. Stir until well blended.

9) Pour the sauce over the chicken.
My veggies ended up being a mixture of red bell peppers, broccoli, and potatoes, which went perfectly with the chopped bacon I fried up earlier 🙂 I had some extra chopped bacon after I was done pizzazzing up my veggies, so I sprinkled it on top of the chicken for added presentation and yummy. (Note: A little bit of presentation can go a very long way. Especially when your guests are least expecting it from you!)

What do you think about this recipe? Please leave comments and ideas below! I am always looking for new ideas and tidbits.
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  1. Excuse my while I run to the store to buy a slow cooker. That looks so good I think I could taste it right off the laptop screen. All kidding aside the images are superb and inviting.

    Really great and easy instructions.


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